California Pizza Kitchen (commonly referred to as CPK) has a fairly large menu, with at least something vegan to order in every category (except dessert – sorry!). Below, please find the vegan approved options at California Pizza Kitchen, as well as a guide to ordering vegan at CPK, straight from the restaurant itself.


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Vegan Small Plates

Asparagus + Arugula Salad (no cheese)

Charred Shishito Peppers

White Corn Guacamole + Chips

Shaved Mushroom + Spinach Flatbread (no cheese)


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Vegan Appetizers

Lettuce Wraps (request with only Chinese vegetables)


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Vegan Soups

Dakota Smashed Pea + Barley Soup


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Vegan Lunch Salads

Super Spinach + Quinoa (NO pecans, NO dressing)

The Mediterranean (NO feta, NO dressing)


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Vegan Lunch Pizzas

California Veggie (NO cheese)


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Vegan Salads

Quinoa + Arugula (NO cheese, NO dressing)

Roasted Veggie (NO dressing)


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Vegan Pastas

Tomato Basil Spaghettini (off menu!)


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Vegan Pizzas

California Veggie Pizza (NO cheese)


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Vegan Kids Items

Kid’s Fresh Fruit

Kid’s Fusilli Olive Oil

Kid’s Fusilli Tomato Sauce



For pizzas:

• All crusts are okay.
• Remove any meats and cheeses, but all veggies are okay.
• Only the Pizza Marinara, Vegetarian Black Beans, and Spicy Marinara Sauce are acceptable.

For pastas:

• Remove any meats and cheeses, but all veggies are okay.
• Only the Tomato Basil sauce (Off Menu) is okay.
• Sauces to avoid: Bolognese, Chicken Tequila, Jambalaya, Kung Pao, and Wild Mushroom Strozzapreti all contain meat or shellfish; therefore, none of the items containing these sauces can be made vegetarian.

For salads:

• Many salads can be made Vegan by removing any meats and cheeses, but veggies are okay.
• No dressings fit the Vegan criteria. Salads can be served with oil and vinegar.

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