You might think that fondue is not a vegan-friendly dish. But if you believe that’s true, then you’ve never been to The Melting Pot! I reached out to the corporate office to find out the scoop. Here was the response I received:

“Yes, we have an approved vegan chocolate and cheese that is dairy free.  However, the vegan cheese and chocolate are special order items and not all restaurants keep them in stock.  I suggest that you call the restaurant, make a reservation and tell them you will be ordering the vegan cheese and chocolate. They will be able to accommodate you.”

There you have it! Just contact the Melting Pot in your area in advance and they will prepare oh-so-delicious and vegan friendly chocolate AND cheese fondue. Note that you can also order the “Good Earth Vegetarian” main course option, without the ravioli or the sacchetti. Happy dipping!

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