Whether you’re at Ruby Tuesday on a Tuesday or any other day of the week, you may be wondering what their vegetarian menu options are. I reached out to their corporate office and actually found out some exciting news! Ruby Tuesday is in the works of developing a veggie burger! I have included their response below:


“We’re pleased to share that our culinary team has a veggie burger in the development phase now.  Provided all goes well, next we will perform a menu test in a small group of restaurants to gauge guest feedback on quality and taste. It’s possible we’ll have a veggie burger on our core menu within a year.

Our Garden Bar would be your best choice as well as any of our side vegetable items.”


So there you have it! To all the vegetarians out there, enjoy the Garden Bar and side vegetable items in the meantime, but look out for a veggie burger coming soon to a Ruby Tuesday near you!


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