Panda Express is an extremely popular fast food Chinese restaurant that seems to be everywhere: shopping malls, college campuses, airports, and more. I reached out to them to find out if anything in their delicious-smelling restaurant would be suitable for a vegetarian diet. I have included the answer that I received below:



“Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding the food we serve at our Panda Express restaurants.  Express only offers a few non-meat entrees at our restaurants. Those entrees are not considered vegetarian due to our cooking process. Cross contamination may occur as we cook our meat and meatless entrees in the same wok. In addition, some of our recipes call for our non-meat entrees to be cooked with a chicken broth base. For these reasons, we advise our guests that none of our entrees are vegetarian.”



Unfortunately, it looks like it’s a no-go on vegetarian items at Panda Express. Even items that seem vegetarian (like the chow mein, tofu with eggplant, or even the vegetable dishes) do not work for anyone with a vegetarian lifestyle. Hopefully they come out with vegetarian friendly items soon!

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