I reached out to Bibigo Korean Kitchen’s corporate office to find out what their Gluten-Free menu items are. Here is the response I received:


“Unfortunately, gluten-free options are limited at Bibigo. However, I could recommend some gluten-free options for base, vegies, and grills.

Bases: White Rice, Brown Rice and Salad are gluten-free options.

Vegies: Most of them are gluten-free besides Kimchi, Pickled Jalapeno, Pickled Radish

Sauces: We do not have any gluten-free sauces

Grills: We do have organic Tofu for gluten-free option”


So next time you are at Bibigo Korean Kitchen and looking for something gluten-free, know that you can enjoy your rice or salad bowl with lots of veggies and tofu!


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